When should I travel to Ireland?

My clients often ask me ‘When is the best time for us to visit Ireland?’ I always answer truthfully; the best time varies for each person/group. You can visit before, during or after peak season. There are two primary factors clients are most concerned about, namely: weather and cost.

January February IrelandJanuary and February are still winter months in Ireland and there is a strong possibility of snow. This causes anxiety for some of my clients who wish to drive whilst in Ireland. There is an unfortunate tale that circulates travel advisory websites that the roads in Ireland are treacherous and almost impossible to navigate during bad weather. I always advise my clients to allow plenty of time to travel, keep calm and you will be fine. If you are a confident driver at home, I’m sure you will have navigated worse than what you will encounter over here so do not let the weather be a deterrent for travelling to Ireland during the winter months. The positives:  There is nothing quite like looking out at a beautiful snowy Irish landscape whilst toasting yourself in front of an Irish turf fire to warm the cockles of your heart. Prices for accommodations and car hire are also much lower during the autumn and winter months so if you’re hoping to do your trip on a budget, these months are most certainly worth considering.

March and April become more spring like when the fields are greener than ever, flowers are blossoming, the most adorable little lambs are born and there is a wonderful freshness in the air. Some people want to visit in March and insist on staying in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day whilst others don’t like the commercialism and also don’t want to deal with the crowds. The cost of a tour in Ireland during these months is quite economical with the slight exception of accommodation in Dublin on the aforementioned St. Patrick’s Day but we can arrange for you to stay somewhere else on that particular day where the atmosphere will be just as good whilst keeping costs down.

Summer Ireland

Peak season extends from May to September each year and if you enjoy the buzz and a hearty atmosphere, these are the months you should travel. You are more likely to encounter crowds at each attraction during these months but for some people, that isn’t an issue. The weather is mild, sometimes, dare we say it, even hot! I always think that there is a wonderfully jovial atmosphere in our cities and quaint little towns during these months. People sit outside restaurants/pubs and bathe in the sunshine if we’re lucky enough to be blessed with some. It’s a novelty for us to be able to do that as Irish people so you can understand why it makes us a little giddier than usual! Spirits are high and you will hear natives chat amongst themselves about the ‘wonderful spell of weather we’re getting’.

Autumn IReland

Many people do not realise that the months following the peak of the season are an untapped gem. Autumn in Ireland weather-wise has proved quite good for the past number of years. We have had very mild September and Octobers with little precipitation and there has been limited frost. There are ample opportunities to do a little hiking in Ireland during these months when the colours of the trees – oranges, various dark greens, browns provide the perfect backdrop for a ramble. The crowds will have dispersed and you are likely to see more of the Country than you would during peak season. Accommodation costs drop and the pace of life slows down.


Winter IrelandNovember and December; the scenery in Ireland on a frosty morning with hazy sunshine is some of the best you will see all year. Yes, the frost can make travelling on the Irish roads a little more difficult but as previously mentioned, I always tell my clients; if you take your time and travel at a safe pace, you will be fine. Many people don’t realise that they will have negotiated worse conditions back home. The cost of accommodation is rock bottom during this time of the year and the excitement of Christmas approaching is contagious. Many cities and towns set up little Christmas Markets to sell homemade produce and should you wish to stay in Ireland for the festivities, we have some wonderful packages to facilitate you and your family.

What Our Customers Say
This truly was a trip of a lifetime for us. I find myself looking at it and sighing, wishing we could be back there! We couldn’t have asked for a better trip and we’re already planning our return for 2015. The level of personal attention you devoted to every little detail will never be forgotten – we raised many pints of Guinness to Irish Essence Tours and to you Deborah on our trip!
─ Martha & Jim Foster and Bitsy & Bob Morales, Texas
Working with you, Deborah, to create our journey was a pleasure. From the start, you were knowledgeable and returned inquiries in a timely manner. Your insight of Ireland travel also directed us extremely well with our sightseeing choices. It was important to me to be able to speak with a live person. Otherwise, I would not have had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person, an outstanding representative of your company.
─ Franny Kreisberg, New York
I had to write to you on this, our last day of our trip as I want to express how happy we are with everything you prepared for us. Irish Essence Tours has blown away all of our expectations for our trip to Ireland.
─ Cadence & Nicholas Sanders, Georgia, U.S.A.
Dear Deborah, We are sending this message to you, hoping that you can post it on your website so that other travellers may know what a terrific job you did for us in planning our recent trip to Ireland. In every respect, we loved the tour you planned for us. We loved where it took us; we loved what we saw, the beauty, the tranquillity, and the history of your magical country. We loved the accommodations, the B&Bs, which you thoughtfully arranged for us. We enjoyed the restaurants and pubs, many of which you recommended. Lastly, we loved the people we met. In all our travels, we have never visited a country full of warmer, more polite, welcoming people. And, you Deborah, represent Ireland, and its' people, at its' finest. Our dealings with you, your willingness & patience to listen to what we wanted, and your prompt responses, could not have been better. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. Thank you so much Deborah for the trip of a lifetime. Allen & Marilyn Herman Cincinnati, Ohio, USA September 2014
─ Allen & Marilyn Herman
I have never thought I could see so much from just a week. Thanks to Irish Essence that was made possible. Not only did we see so many exciting and beautiful places, it was also affordable. This company is extremely professional, helpful, and also and friendly. three characteristics one would certainly look for when booking for a holiday. Most importantly, it is a reliable company. thanks and kind regards, Natalino Malta, Spain
─ Natalino Meli
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